Book Reviews

R. Isinger, CAHS Journal, Vol. 53/No.3 (2015) p. 84.
​T.F.J. Leversedge, Airforce Magazine, Vol. 39/No. 3 (2016) p. 42.

​Events in 2019

May 22 - 25: Presentation for CAHS National Convention (Saint Anne de Bellevue, Quebec).​​

                     The R-100 Airship in Canada and the Contributions of Barnes Wallis and Nevil Shute Norway.

Events in 2018

April 18: Presentation for Kenneth Molson Lecture Series (Ottawa, ON).
May 30 - June 3: Presentation for CAHS National Convention (Calgary, AB).

October 18: Presentation for ELO: Extended Learning Opportunities  (Erin, ON)
Events in 2017

January 12: Presentation for Retired Business and Professional Men's Club (Waterloo, ON).
February 4: Presentation for CAHS Toronto Chapter. Event photos at
May 18: Presentation for CAHS Montreal Chapter.
​June 8-11: Presentation for CAHS National Convention (London, ON).

Events in 2016

Western Tour
September 15: Presentation for CAHS Calgary Chapter.
September 20: Presentation for CAHS Regina Chapter.

September 21: Presentation for University of Saskatchewan  Aero Design Team.

Ontario Events
June 25 & 26: Book Sales at the Quinte International Air Show.
April 28: Presentation for CAHS Ottawa Chapter.

Recent Publications

David Waechter, "Aeroballistics Range Tests of the Avro Arrow: A Lesser-known Investigation" 

CAHS Journal, Vol. 55/No.4 (2017) pp. 150-153.

David Waechter, "The Highest Speed of the Avro Arrow: Reconciling Assorted Claims" 
CAHS Journal, Vol. 55/No.2 (2017) pp. 64-67.

Ralph Waechter's Avro Papers

Ralph Waechter's papers have been acquired by Library and Archives Canada.

Click here for further details.

Flight Test: The Avro Arrow and a Career in Aeronautical Engineering